welcome welcome.

Imagethis is me (and one of my kids). i’m a pretend redhead. i have too many university degrees, more children than arms (but less than fingers), and i really really love products for kids. and also i really really hate toys-r-us plastic noise-making, lighting-up, beeping, mass-produced, carbon-wasting crap. so i don’t buy it for my kids. unless it’s lego because my kid loves lego and actually lego is pretty damn awesome although the ouch factor of stepping on a piece in the dark when you get up to pee at night is unbelievable!

wow. i have already contradicted myself. i’m a shitty blogger already.

but let’s back up. i hate mass-produced garbage. i love art and creativity and one-of-a-kinds and attention to detail. and i really like my kids a whole lot. they’re pretty amazing under 8 year-old specimens. so when i’m up at night not being able to sleep due to the fact that farmers have no late night noise restrictions (my house backs onto a farmer’s field) and it sounds like a badly conducted toad orchestra in my backyard (my house also backs onto a swamp of sorts), i do a lot of browsing around the web for clothes, toys, dress-up gear, play stuff, art, books, design and such for kids.

since I think i’ve uncovered a ton of kid-tastic amazingness during my summer of sleeplessness i thought i’d give blogging a whirl. people do it all the time. i should do it all the time! or maybe i’ll just try it for awhile and see how it goes.

wish me luck. i guess.


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