fox is the new owl

remember when we loved everything owl related? i do. kid #2’s bedroom is a testament to this. i’m still liking her dwell owl bedding but given the new fox craze it’s feeling a little dated.

lately i’ve discovered molly goodall’s website which is chalk full of animal inspired goodness. specifically i’m coveting her little fox coat for child #2. check out this awesomeness.


next in my super-duper fox fabulousness find i turn to my all-time favourite website: etsy.

over at trendytot where jen has been named one of the best etsy moms by disney’s parenting website, as well as featured in much cooler media such as vogue kids and kidcrave, i kinda want these fox leggings for myself.


another etsy fox related dress-up fun-ness i found at mahalo where sisters Beth (living in Ohio) and Alisha (living in Florida) somehow manage to work together to make stuff. like this fox mask.


aren’t foxes great? for today anyhow. elephants tomorrow? stay tuned…


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