to the rescue…

walk around this house and you’ll see a lot of superheroes. errr…you’ll step on a lot of superhero pieces and parts and helmets and swords and laser beam-ish stuff. and all of this stuff belongs to kid #1 who since i can remember has always fancied himself somewhat of a superhero. there have been moments (many many moments) where i have considered him more of a super villain, but he seems to be of the opinion that the villain role is best played by me.

take yesterday. minding my own business. making eggs. because that’s the job of a super villain apparently. and here runs in kid #1 in battery-powered noise-making officially licensed iron man mask (thank you random relative) and underwear. lego ninja underwear because he rolls like that. his battery powered mask interrupts my egg scrambling and dares me to fight him and suddenly i’m attempting to maneuver mr.superhero out of my way so the eggs don’t burn. because if the eggs burn, kid #1, who will actually be the one responsible for the egg burning, will fail to eat the eggs. and it will be my fault.

as i said, i am always the villain around here.  but as terrible a villain as i am (and i am so horribly terrible!) i can’t resist my weird superhero of a son. nor can i resist these little peg people from pegbuddies. kid #1 loves them too. he’s already added them to this year’s lengthy christmas wish list.


so since kid #1 thinks he’s a superhero then kid #2 definitely thinks she is because whatever he claims to be she is too. but more. because she’s the dramatic type. if she were honest she’d shed the superhero mask in favour of some sort of baby doll. since the birth of kid #3 she’s been pretty set on playing mommy. her plastic, naked, arm half-ripped off, horror movie looking doll (thank you other random relative), aptly named “purple” because of the purple dress it lived in once upon a time, currently resides in the potty most of the time. kid #2 says she’s teaching it to pee in there which is fine as long as she doesn’t actually pee on it. or maybe peeing on “purple” would be awesome since then she’d definitely have to be tossed. a peed on doll is not a salvageable doll. in fact, i’d love to replace that scary thing with this superhero doll from my little hero designs. 


right?!? much better.

not to be unfair, kid #3 deserves a superhero something herself. i found these wonder woman inspired caped leg warmers at giggle poo and thought she’d look fabulous hanging out in these cuties.


right again!

now this superhero is off to bed before the evil toad lord leads his toad-followers into battle out in my yard.




















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