feature shop: maileg

so i purchased #2 a birthday present. because her birthday is not coming up anytime soon. oh, and also a christmas present. same reason. it’s just that sometimes i stumble upon something like the danish line maileg and accidentally happen to have my credit card with me. it happens. also i was out with my mom at the time so she was able to herd kids #1 through #3 to another location so that the store wasn’t torn to shreds by the time i made my purchase.

this is sofia, aptly known as kid #2. she’s the most excited runner i know and thus splats several times a day. or trips on her own feet because it’s pretty easy to get tangled in your own limbs i guess. also she must believe she can walk on air. it’s the only reason i can think of for the way she jumps off of things she cannot possibly land on her feet from. kid #2 is no cat. but she’s pretty damn cute. which makes up for it. sort of.


there is a small box wrapped in brown butcher’s paper that currently resides on a shelf above my washing machine where even i cannot reach without climbing. i am limber like a cat! i did not pass on this particular genetic trait. the box contains the cutest baby mouse in a glorified match box. baby-loving kid #2 will adore it. or i will. whatever. this is it.


a whole family of these guys are available in sizes mini to mega maxi. plus you can purchase clothing and furniture separately for them. oh, and they’re also available in rabbit. check it out.


i want to play with them all. and name them. and arrange them into families. what? i mean kid #2 wants to do that. i preemptively am aware of this.

so…given that christmas was also coming up not very soon, i took the opportunity to purchase maileg’s princess and the pea toy. who doesn’t love a cute little wooden bed, doll and crocheted pea, and cloth mattresses piled high? no one doesn’t love it. that’s who! also it comes with a sweet little illustrated book.


coincidentally that night i was like “hey kid #2, want to hear an awesome story about a princess and a pea. i’ve just randomly decided to tell you this story so that you’ll be all like “oh wow! yay! a princess and pea toy” for christmas instead of being all like “why does this princess have a pea? is she hungry? is this all her mommy fed her?” see? i have just done my daughter a great service in the category of fairy tale knowledge.

oh maileg, i want your whole line.

merry christmas in advance everyone.


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