dream attire: misha lulu

i assumed i would be the mother of 3 boys. never one to be particularly clairvoyant i was nonetheless quite certain.

during my pregnancy with kid #1 i spent some time in italy. as in, a country where the inhabitants know no physical boundaries at all. oh, and where i was nearly shamed for not drinking wine at every opportunity. but this story is not about how i was a good non-drinker during my first pregnancy. but kudos to me.

so. italy. a land where i couldn’t walk into a pizza shop without women running up to rub my belly. completely and utterly unsolicited. we just don’t seem to do that in canada, at least not from my experience anyway.

oooh! insert appropriately themed anecdote here: ok, so while i was pregnant with kid #2 a conversation with a group of co-workers was had regarding whether or not it was okay to go up to a pregnant stranger and touch their belly. my call was no. but this one woman didn’t see the issue. she considered it to be fine because, as she explained, “it’s something outside of your body”. “like a boob?” someone else considered.  yes. like a boob. no biggie.

nevermind. the point of my preamble was to say that every time i was accosted by a strange italian lady i was told i had a bambina on the way. every. single. time. yet i was convinced otherwise. i was having a boy. absolutely. besides i told myself, these women were probably exposed to alcohol in utero and thus wrong. very very wrong.

kid #1 did end up being a boy and i was pleased as punch. still am. but feeling that i could now definitely predict the gender of future children, i soothsayed that i would only be the mother of boys.

wow, was i in for a surprise when kid #2 was a girl. i was super shocked and super happy. because i really really wanted a daughter. which for some reason is why i didn’t think i’d have one.  i figured it was a fluke. but baby #3 a girl? awesome sauce!

it’s not that i didn’t want to have boys. my boy is fabulous. it’s just that i wanted to have a girl to wear misha lulu dresses. well not seriously, but it is a huge perk.

enter the world of misha lulu and say hello to karen salazar’s retro-modern, latin-influenced designs for kids.


ideally i would like to be able to open my daughters’ closets and find that they are filled with every single design from every single misha lulu collection.

oh, misha, do you remember when you had that dolce vida theme?


or the time you introduced your wallpaper dress?


or how you inexplicably know how kid #2 thrives on all things hello kitty?


lately i’ve become obsessed with the idea that i could make misha lulu-inspired skirts and dresses for my girls. i have sewn exactly once so nobody hold your breath.

or they could just wear this from the upcoming woodland themed fall collection.


much better.


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