mama, dada, blabla

i am not pleased.

a few weeks ago kid #3 said mama. it wasn’t a sweet little mama sound. it was more like an “i’m upset and possibly dying” sound of pure desperation. i can’t even remember what her problem was which is weird because this kid NEVER cries. this was a total anomaly. hubby wasn’t there when this event occurred so didn’t believe me or kid #1 that we had actually heard her say it. and then she said it again. twice. this was also said in crisis mode. as in, i had stepped out of the room momentarily.

now i have no issue whatsoever with my kids calling me when they need me. this happens constantly anyway.

“mom, i need a snackie”

“mom. i need you to wipe my bum”

“mom, i need you to turn on the tv”

and on. and on. and on.

i would say that kid #3 was just joining the club except this is different. because when dad walks in the room she yells “dada” in a happy “my dad is awesome” way. am i not awesome? am i not the one who grew you into existence, birthed you, stayed up all night with you, and continues to nourish you with my boobs? how about a little appreciation. bitch.

no wait! i did not just call my sweet little baby a bitch. i can’t. it goes against the proverbial mommy code. i’m just bothered that daddy’s the favourite fun parent at the moment, and that i feel taken for granted, and that kid #3 has taken to pinching my boobs. hard.

kid #2 is no better.

being a police officer, hubby works 2 days, 2 nights, and then 4 days off. the nights when daddy has to work he is out of the house by 4pm. which means i drag kids to classes. which means i make dinner. which means i supervise homework, give baths, read books, and do whatever else my children demand of me. which again, is fine. i signed up for this deal and i am happy to do it.

but that kid #2 gets to me. after an evening of working my butt off mommy-wise she has the incredible nerve to say to me in her whiniest of whiny voices “where’s my daddy? when’s my daddy coming home? I want my daddy now. i don’t want to be with mommy. yucky mommy”. this makes me cringe. this makes me want to toss an unopened box of mac and cheese at her and demand she make dinner herself. or find her own pajamas to wear. 

one night a few weeks ago kid #2 refused to go to bed. it was approaching midnight and the “i want my daddy” whiny complaints had been going on for quite some time. “here”, i said. “i’ll call daddy at work for you.” which i did. “i’ll be there in 5 minutes!” he said. the police station is just down the street but the man never comes home unless he needs to grab some food. yet he’d be home in 5 minutes at the demand of his 2 year old?!

it was more like 10 minutes. all 10 minutes of which she was inconsolable. and then daddy returned. and they ran into each others arms and i wanted to gag. i mean really? am i that horrible to hang out with?

it would also appear that daddy is kid #2’s chosen tea party parent.

and kid #3 says “dada” and pinches me.


i am going to have my own fancy tea parties. with my own beautiful knit dolls. the two of them might have “dada” but i’ll take the blabla‘s, a line of gorgeous knit dolls, mobiles, clothing, and pillows for kids.


such as “colette” shown in both 12″ and 18″ sizes. colette is 100% cotton and made in peru. she is still working on her pas de chat and likes old pinks and vanilla tea.

each one of blabla’s dolls have adorable interests. “pierre” for instance likes long walks in the country and distributes letters with old stamps. he loves radish marmalade.


within blabla’s collection of dolls exist donkeys, frogs, mermaids, queens, butterflies, elephants, bears, dogs, lions, wolves, racoons, and many other creatures. you will also find “otto” and “lola” who are human rockers. as in doll rock stars.

plus, all these guys come in varied sizes. a knit doll for every taste and budget.


and most of the 18″ dolls are fully dressable.


because sometimes pierre the rabbit just wants to be a pirate. and mozart the monkey occasionally wants to pretend to save the world.


or maybe you want to splurge on a blabla “giant” knit doll so you can have cool guests at the awesome tea you’re hosting. by yourself. 



either way, blabla dolls are beautiful and unique, made from 100% natural materials, and are eco-friendly in every way. WIN WIN WIN!

so now i’m off to convince my girls that i really am a fantastic person. i’ll yank my boobs out and tell them i have candy.


100% Cotton, Handmade in Peru.
COLETTE is still working on her pas de chat. She likes old pinks and vanilla tea. – See more at:

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