you can’t make this stuff up, featuring ‘a cagey bee’

“that’s weird”, says kid #2 in her nasally new york sounding accent. she lives in canada. on the west coast. so that’s weird.

my children are weird. people are weird. some things are so weird in fact that you can’t make them up.

occupation 1: i used to work as a manager in an upscale gourmet foods grocery store. one day we were sampling fancy chips when a woman came up to the counter, put the entire bowl in her cart, and walked down the aisles munching on them.

another time a woman called to complain that the produce department was cheating her out of potatoes. and by cheating she meant that the potatoes were getting smaller while the price was staying the same. except that potatoes are priced by weight, not size. i told her i’d look into it.

occupation 2: as a family counsellor for a non-profit agency i’m surrounded by weirdness at all times. one time a woman stood on my desk to prove a point. another woman’s ideas for the future changed drastically from week to week depending on the advice she had received from her numerologist.

but clients aren’t the only weirdos. within my professional life i’ve met people who believe that with enough spiritual empowerment it is possible to walk through walls. like for real.

someone else i know doesn’t believe in evolution and thinks dinosaurs never existed despite evidence that proves otherwise. and that is some weird stuff.

despite being weirded out by weird people, i do have a propensity for weird art. and local artists. and i love the fact that vancouverite kris g. brownlee aka k.g.b. aka a cagey bee (get it?), has a weird enough imagination to envision wide-eyed girls cuddling skunks, hiding inside wind-up toy birds, dressing as bandits alongside raccoon friends, and riding life-sized squirrels. plus adorable robots, and fairy-tale and movie-inspired characters.


a snow-whitish looking print hangs in my hallway, while a robot resides in kid #1’s bedroom.

recently a cagey bee is offering prints on wooden blocks that are finished with boat resin. last week i was lucky enough to speak to her husband, aka ‘a cagey beard’, who told me that the blocks were inspired by their nephew’s birthday in which brownlee wanted to make a piece of art that could hang in his bedroom while being knocked-off-the-wall proof.

not only do i want to devote an entire wall of my house to brownlee’s blocks, but also want to purchase them for kid #2’s bedroom. she’s clumsy so anything destroy-proof fits the bill for wall art as far as she’s concerned.

you can purchase a cagey bee‘s prints and lockets here.

and for your viewing pleasure:





kid #2 is the poster-girl for weirdness, or as i lovingly refer to her as ‘the queen of crazy town’.

here’s to all the future weirdness that i can’t possibly imagine yet.

because life’s like that.


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